literally focused

Whether through her speaking or writings, Michelle shines her light and shares from her heart in an encouraging, inspiring and transparent manner; about her childhood and adolescence of abuse, a struggled marriage and the trials, tribulations and emotional damages occurred; yet offers to those who feel they are alone in their own personal wars, hope, healing and a message of victory and empowerment. No matter which way you choose to experience Michelle, be assured you are in for quite a journey!

God, Are You Listening?

Why is this happening to me? God, can you hear me? Hello, are you there? Have you ever called out to God and felt abandoned, empty, forsaken? Jesus did. On the day of his crucifixion Jesus cried out those very sentiments. ‘God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matt 27:46). Even though there are times when we cry out and feel lonely we are never alone. He is with us always. In God, are you listening?, Michelle Bryant shares her desperation searching for and crying out to a God she thought couldn’t hear her. It is a story of abuse, fear and insecurity that is now filled with unbridled passion, peace and freedom.

In An Instant

In An Instant is a poignant narrative that takes hold of the reader and doesn’t let go. It offers healing, hope and endurance through the trials, tribulations and exhaustion that accompany adversity. This story is sure to be one that will touch the reader, make them think about life, loved ones and the power of living every day as a gift.

Rambling Roads

Michelle Bryant is a creative mind – has been all her life. She just sees things differently. She has been writing as long as she can remember and sees the world around her through the passionate heart of a dreamer. It is through her writings, prayers and Bible studies that she has found freedom from her childhood of abuse and manipulation.

The transparency and response to her poetry in her first book God, are you listening? was enormous enough to warrant the compilation of many years of Michelle´s personal journalings. Rambling Roads: a collection of thoughts, poems and prayers is filled with not only with Michelle´s writings but with drawings, doodles and photos by her as well.

Both books are a journey. One leads you down a road to freedom, the other down many rambling, winding paths from the innocence of adolescence to the deepness of her soul.

Whether you choose God, are You listening? or Rambling Roads, it is her prayer that readers young and old will find something in the pages of her books that they can relate to, heal from, and grow because of as they journey down the rambling road of Michelle´s mind.

Walking in my mind

This work is a continuous search for self. within this conglomeration are influences, input, hurts and haunts, delights and doubts, struggles and successes all of which have led the author to allow the therapy of pen to paper to work toward seeking answers, finding healing and chasing sanity. many entries are during singleness after a near 25-year marriage and her attempt to dig out of the hole of feeling like damaged goods. it is her hope that you enjoy the journey. May you find a bit of yourself and your answers, healing and sanity in these pages.

Rise Up, Aim High

It is often said that an entrepreneur is someone who works 80 hours a week, so they don’t have to work 40. As a result, it is obvious that it takes a certain breed, or gumption to be an entrepreneur. If you are a small business owner, are considering starting your own business, would simply like to know what it takes, or are looking to improve your personal development this book will offer simple and easy steps to guide you in your journey.mind.

Raised by Gypsies

Every day we come in contact with other individuals. This book showcases and reflects on the effects we have on those people and how they impact us. Through the author’s own examples we are able to understand the deposits that are made and how they might relate to who we eventually become. In this book Michelle expands on the ripple effect of those encounters which typically occur without us even realizing. As you delve into this book you will not only have examined why you are who you are and why you react the way you do but you will also be encouraged to make a daily effort in recognizing the impact you alone have on those you encounter every minute of the day.

If She Can

Every woman has a story. Some have endured domestic violence or child abuse. Others have suffered the heartache of a broken relationship or miscarriage. Others have made life changing decisions because of circumstances. Still others have overcome serious health challenges. Though they were weary and struggling they found a way to not only survive but grow and thrive.If She Can… Inspiring Stories of Grit, Hope and Courage features the stories of 16 strong women who were challenged but had the strength and courage to win. They are triumphant! They are winners! They are willing to share their stories in hope that through their tears others can find strength and a way forward. Their stories will fill you with hope and leave you feeling inspired and encouraged.Their stories will captivate you. Some will amaze you. Some will startle you. Some will have you shaking your head thinking, “me, too!” There is a story for every woman inside these pages.If She Can … so can you.Featuring: Ann Beauchamp; Dr. Ja’Net Bishop; Tianca Breedlove; Michelle Bryant-Griffin; Dr. Elizabeth Castle; JL Coston; Lynn DelGaudio; Keisha Hawes; Camilla Herold; Demetria Johnson; Katryna Johnson J.D.; Mary Johnson; Kimberly Mills; Chrissy Mullins; Robin Nazon; and Iskra Perez-Salcedo.