a prayer for dayton…


© photo by michelle bryant
written by mi for my new grandson "to be"

may your mind  always be filled with whatever is good,
whatever is pure, whatever is kind and your held high;
may your eyes see the beauty not only in the world
but in God’s other children as well
and may you stay focused on Him so that you might
see glimpses of what lies ahead for you;
may your nose sniff out trouble and temptation before it arises
and allow you to breathe the fragrance of His love;
may you smile with joy and carry His countenance
to everyone you meet, even when you think they don’t deserve it;
may you feel the compassion, grace and mercy
for others that He shows you everyday
and believe in your heart what you can not see with your eyes;
may your arms be forever reaching out
to help others and always be lifted in praise to the heavens;
may your hands be folded in prayer and thankfulness
but be also worn from giving;
may your knees stay bent
not just in the difficult times
but also to offer thanks for all your many blessings;
may your feet continue to take the journey
that brings you closer to Him
and walk the road that leads you down the path of righteousness.

and each and every day
may you shift your weight of logic and reason and the cares of this world,
to Him and allow Him to carry your load.

and may you always remember
that you are deeply loved, and dearly blessed
and that to conquer, achieve and dream
whatever your heart desires –
you are completely equipped.

~ amen

© michelle bryant

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