a rare find…


© photo by michelle bryant

you, my love, are a rare find.

i thank my God for bringing you into my life,
even under the sinful pretenses in which they were brought.

i know that what the enemy plans to use for evil
God can use for good.

(and i cant wait to see what He will do with this friendship)
i want so badly to trust you, to open my heart and soul to you…

(but i am as a frightened child hiding in the closet from
a monster under the bed)
for i feel a connection with you like i have not felt in my entire life.

its like i have been asleep all this time and you breathed on mi
and have awakened mi and now i am not only awake
but alive like never before.

yet i ask myself, are you a master player?

a puppeteer and i the marionette?

for it is so easy for mi to be captivated by your spell,
by your charm, your wisdom,
to want to run into your arms.

i ache for your kisses
and dream of your breath all over my body
but then i wake up and reality sets in
and i am reminded of the situation that keeps mi from falling,
from letting go,
from allowing you to encompass my very being
with the passion that i so desire you to fulfill mi with.

and i am left with the seconds that i must settle for,
the remains of something that someone else does not even want.

and yet i am honored
to have even a part of your day, of your thoughts,
of your heart,
of your passion.

to have you, someone like you
in my life.

for you –
my love,
are a rare find.

© michelle bryant

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