am i enough?


© photo by michelle bryant

alone in this bed
surrounded in the fluff,
my brain starts to travel
wondering if my love is enuf.

i take a path that leads mi wandering,
wondering and questioning your love
to asking myself –
if im really enuf…

if someone like you
can love someone like mi,
if you truly do see
what you say you see?

or if my heart wants it so badly,
i just make it what i want to be?

yes, i know this is destructive
to both myself and our love
but without your arms and kisses to tell mi otherwise
i just wonder if i am enuf.

my love for you is greater
than ive ever had love before
and you are more than i ever dreamed
a wounded heart like mine could store.

so until im back in your arms
and feeling your sweet kisses
im stuck with the fight in my mind
and its destructive missles…

waiting for the peace and comfort to carry mi off
from the wandering filled from fluff,
to the love i feel we have together
and the knowledge that i am enuf.


© michelle bryant

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