are you for real?


© photo by michelle bryant

are you for real?

i really have to ask
how can it be,
what you do to mi
& is it going to last?

my heart has to be protected
& im questioning how i feel.

i must take slow
im sure that you know
but im (still) wondering if you’re for real?

could tomorrow be the day
of learning about each other?

as i look at the man
who’s holding my hand
and telling mi we’ll grow together?

it’s a scary feeling
i have to confess
the way my heart beats
when you speak to mi
and so i second guess.

i ask myself if you are for real
if a man like you is true
if i can trust
and learn to love
should i open myself to you?

the trust is low
and the risk is high
as i examine my heart once again
and so i wait
as i contemplate
and put my trust & hope – in Him!

© michelle bryant

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