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Whether through her speaking or writings, Michelle shines her light and shares from her heart in an encouraging, inspiring and transparent manner; about her childhood and adolescence of abuse, a struggled marriage and the trials, tribulations and emotional damages occurred; yet offers to those who feel they are alone in their own personal wars, hope, healing and a message of victory and empowerment. No matter which way you choose to experience Michelle, be assured you are in for quite a journey!

God, Are You Listening?

Why is this happening to me? God, can you hear me? Hello, are you there? Have you ever called out to God and felt abandoned, empty, forsaken? Jesus did. On the day of his crucifixion Jesus cried out those very sentiments. ‘God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matt 27:46). Even though there are times when we cry out and feel lonely we are never alone. He is with us always. In God, are you listening?, Michelle Bryant shares her desperation searching for and crying out to a God she thought couldn’t hear her. It is a story of abuse, fear and insecurity that is now filled with unbridled passion, peace and freedom.

Book Reviews

Your book is AMAZING! I’m loving reading it (when I have time…) I’m almost done. It’s very inspiring, and your life’s experiences have left me in awe… ~ S.G.

A very courageous and compelling story. We all experience abuse either at the hands of others or of our own making. The beauty of the suffering is seen through our determination to be delivered hence our constant prayers. The children of Israel cried out for 400 years before their release came but the glory that their suffering gave God made the world know for centuries to come that God is an awesome God. ~ J.C.

I wasn’t sure what this book had in store for me since I was raised in a loving Christian home and have never experienced abuse. However, after reading it, I realized that, as women, wives and mothers, we all face many of the same struggles, regardless of our background. Michelle’s search for love and acceptance was something I really could relate to. This book deepened my faith and strengthened my resolve to live every day rejoicing in the love of Jesus and sharing it with others. Thank you, Michelle, for having the courage to be so transparent and for teaching us all what true forgiveness really is. ~ S. G.

After reading Michelle’s book, I was truly touched by her compassion and forgiveness towards those who used and abused her. Her faith, steadfastness and strength, through it all are a real testimony that provide encouragement and hope to all who read her story. Thank you, Michelle – Thank you, Jesus!! ~ S.K.

Not only did I feel alone, without God during the seven years of abuse, by three male family members, I suffered, but I felt alone in the world. What girl would “allow” themselves to be abuse for so long and by so many?

When I read your book Michelle, I was reading so much of myself. Our family suffered many forms of abuse by many members of our own family and outsiders. I was not alone, but the intimate abuse that was inflicted on me stays with me everyday of my life. However, now, in my thirties, I have found my relationship with God fulfills all the holes left by others. His love comforts me and His love wills me to be better…to others and to myself. Without such wonderful and loving friends, like Mrs. K. Crystal McClung, who not only befriended a lost soul but showed her the light of His powerful love, but also share with me this wonderfully powerful book. Thank you Crystal!!!

Thank you Michelle for bringing into light that God was and will always be there…I made it out and I am stronger with His love. Lynnette Simms

The book ” God are you Listening” is an awe inspiring book about the life of a young impressionable girl who truly learns that God is always listening. Even in the times that we may feel that He is so far away and may seem to have a deaf ear to our pain and suffering the author demonstrates through her own life experiences that this is simply not true. We can all learn that God truly is there at all times. We just need to learn to see and hear Him. Michelle leads us on path of discovery of who God really is and how much He really does love each of us. You will wonder how someone could endure so much suffering yet remain with a heart open and gentle. Have a good read and discover this truth for yourself. Sandra Guthrie

Our victory is through our identity of leaning on Christ and Michelle has accomplished this through her book. It is a victory to what God has done in her life. It is great reading with an amazing story line and we would recommend it to anyone who has endured abuse. Phil & Christine Cages

In her book, “God, Are You Listening?” author Michelle Bryant becomes transparent, as she vulnerably shares her emotions and thoughts on the severe trials of her life. Raised in a dysfunctional and transient family, Michelle now knows that her young soul was protected by the Lord. God’s early call upon her life then preserved her to be the future wife and mother He had called her to be. Although Michelle felt abandoned at times by her Heavenly Father, as she endured great tribulation, she has now come to understand that He was truly listening to every cry for help, and wiping every tear away.

Michelle’s childhood poetry, included in the book, allows the reader a glimpse into the pain, confusion, and betrayal she frequently experienced during her formative years. And yet, through it all, Michelle has remained steadfast in her faith, willing to accept God’s Providence in her life. She clings to her faith in Jesus Christ and His Word, to teach her life’s lessons, and especially, true forgiveness. The Reflections section of the book, at the end of each chapter, encourages readers to prayerfully consider and write about the questions and answers that the Lord has so lovingly shared with Michelle. Yes, God really is listening, but we also need to learn how to quiet ourselves and in turn, listen to His wisdom for our situations.

I would recommend this book to all who are seeking answers to life’s difficult questions. Wendy Cleveland, Chairperson, Love INC of Eagle River

I had a lot of powerful emotions come over me as I read Michelle’s book. At first, sorrow, because I couldn’t help her, and then, frustration, that it went on for so many years and so many of her family didn’t even know where she was, much less how to help.

I had the unique blessing of being a foster mother to abused girls, for many years. Some of them were scarred for life. Others just decided it never happened, which wasn’t the answer either. Michelle has found the Right Answer, and she has written it down to help others. The Right Answer of course is the saving shelter of the Lord.

She has truly put this message into the hearts of others, that we can overcome anything, if we have Christ. I have not had the same abuses as Michelle, but , no matter, anything we can suffer in this life, can be added to the sufferings of Christ, as St. Paul told us.

I have always been proud of Michelle, since she came into my life. She is a wonderful mother and Christian.

I cannot tell her in my simple words how much she, and this brave book, mean to me. I do know though, that this book means she is well and healthy and on the right page with her God. I love you, Mi. – Jackie Sikes

It was difficult for me to read about how bad things were for you and your brothers and sisters in those teen years that we spent so much time together. I am glad that our friendship was a bright memory at a time when you were experiencing such darkness. You have always had a positive spark inside you that is inspiring to others. Your life has given you a powerful faith, and a story of personal triumph. I always knew that you would be published, but was surprised that it was not a book of poetry! I see we have that to look forward to in the future. Erik Anderson

Your book has really touched me. I know that God had to give you the strength or you would have never made it to be an adult. You are a very strong lady and I am honored to know you. – Brenda Graham

Wonderful book, Michelle. I never wanted it to end. You are an inspiration and your book is a work of art. Thank you for sharing it with the world. The book is just magnificent, and the message comes across loud and clear. Thank you for sharing and caring…and letting us remember that God is always in our life…and that little things (as well as the big things) always have meaning in the big picture. Now, I am waiting with aniticipation for your next ‘work of art.’ Thank you again, for such a wonderful book..a true inspiration for all! – Bobbi Davis

My first thought while reading, “God are you listening”, was WOW, can this be the same Michelle that I know? She doesn’t act like she’s been scarred. There is no root of bitterness evident in her. What a testimony to the power of Christ and how he makes beauty out of an ugly past. There were so many times while reading the book when I could remember feeling just as Michelle felt. The best thing about the book, however, is that you can see the hand of God moving in Michelle’s life even though she didn’t know it or couldn’t see it. What a comfort to know that God is moving in our lives and on our behalf even when we don’t realize it. Lisa Zimmerman

Michelle – I am in awe of you after reading “God Are You Listening?”. Thank you for sharing your story so honestly and with great compassion for inspiring others to seek, love and trust Our Father. What a blessing for many of us who seek solace after overcoming trauma, loss, hurt and persecution. You have touched many with your book, so continue to be encouraged. – Phyllis Thompson

God, are you listening? Because if you are, one of your children has reached out to you in a way that took extreme courage, strength and faith. Michelle, your story comes from the heart and from the soul. God is listening, and because of your book, many people will realize that God is there for them too. Your book was a “can’t put it down” journey for me. You truly have a gift with words. Your prayers and thoughts were inspirational, and very well written. God bless you, Michelle.  – Troy

I was so touched by how much how you went through and yet God, who is such a healer/restorer, turned the worst things in life into good for His glory. That never ceases to amaze me! You had such courage to bare your soul like that in a book. I know the Lord is using your life in a wonderful way and will continue to do so. – Mary P.

What a journey you’ve had in your life. To know many of us are not alone in that same journey is an encouragement. This healing work motivates us to pursue the plans God has for us, instead of the one’s we may have encountered along the way. The title says it all: no matter what, who or why we stopped talking to him, God is always listening! Thank you for listening to God in this case and writing such healing words for the rest of us. – Crystal

Hi Michelle, Thank you for having the courage to write your story and for giving God the glory for your healing and ability to “move on.” It is a message that I want so desperately for the children/people I know who have been hurt by sexual abuse to be able to fully understand. In the name of Jesus there is great healing and forgiveness. Not that we forget our past, but that it is possible to move forward. Thank you for your testimony : ) – Eileen

Michelle – you have been a passionate fighter and overcomer for as long as I’ve known you. I have never known you to give up and after reading your book, I understand the “boot camp” training God allowed you to experience – for His Glory! I applaud your obedience to Him in reliving the painful times and the labor of love that this book represents. I believe that your testimony in this book and in your life itself, will inspire many to “fight the good fight” – trusting God and KNOWING that He has a plan for each of us. In your next book, we will see how the adventure continues….. I love you, dear – –Terri Levshakoff

I’ve never read anything that touched me so much, chapter after chapter. This is the best book I’ve ever read. The Holy Spirit is all over every page. This book has changed my life. Michelle Tagle’

Michelle, Congratulations on your book. God has truly blessed you with a talent to write, but more than that your life and beautiful smile that I am greeted with each time I see you testifies to the greatness of our God. You don’t use your past as an excuse, but a stepping-stone to greater things in God. Our God is listening – we only have to call on Him. I am so thankful you chose to share your testimony. I know it will be a blessing to many and help them to know God can and will forgive us and help us to forgive others who have hurt us. –Linda Jones -ERCOG

Michelle, As I read your book I was blown away by the trials you had growing up and more blown away with the strength and courage that Jesus has put on your heart to share your life. It’s amazing the remarkable woman you are, despite all you have been through. Thank you for sharing. –J. Keogh

I read this book in just a few days. It is very inspirational. I know all of us can overcome major (to us) obstacles. Good luck to you. We will be thinking of you while you are on your trip. –Frances Perkins

Don’t give up! I wish you every blessing. –Anne Rice

I read your book in one day. I love the title. The awesome God of the universe really is listening. Amazing huh? I find that when we open up and share our weaknesses and be human-oid, real the glory of God truly is revealed. Thank you for being so honest with your struggles and your victories as it ministered truth to my heart. Hey, Michelle, it’s lovely to have been given a glimpse into your very real heart! The Lord is well pleased with your obedience in putting pen to pad. Abundant blessings from this seed. –Janet V.

Wow Michelle! You have a gift and aren’t afraid to use it. Opening up like that about personal battles takes guts and God. What an inspiration to anyone just living life and going through the challenges big and small. –Danny Baker

Dear Michelle, Thank you for being real in an unreal world. Your story will touch the lives of those who know your pain all too well. My desire is that this book get to those who need to know Jesus cares about their situation and is ever waiting to carry them to safety and there is life after abuse. –Alida Johnson

Congratulations! This book was very inspirational. Good luck on your book tour. –Marla Bensen

Excellent writing.  I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I had a hard time putting it down. Can’t wait for the next one. – Kathy Strickland

What a blessing and gift! This book was impossible to put down once I started reading it! Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your life story and for opening your heart and allowing yourself to be vulnerable and transparent, so that others might learn of the awesome healing touch of our Father’s love. I appreciated the fact that you didn’t give in to the popular belief that once you give your heart/life to God, everything in life becomes easy. You tell the truth–that we are ALL just “works in progress” and must take up our cross daily and die to self. Continue to write for you truly have a gift and God wants to speak through you! I would love to see a book of poems! God bless! – Trisha Allain

Dear Michelle, A quick note from the Andes. I received your book to read the other day and I sat down and read it straight through. You have a wonderful gift of writing and expressing yourself. I appreciated your willingness to share your story. Thanks for having the courage to be open and transparent so others could receive hope and heal in areas of their own lives. Mary Lynne Wood _Ayacucho Peru

I praise the Lord that He is ministering to you through this ministry. May you continue to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and be strengthened in the power of His might. – Joyce Meyer

This book is truly inspired. It is a story of victory. Well done. P.S. God is always listening! – Amy

Reading this book was indeed a trip down memory lane but it was an awesome trip! When I read about Michelle’s life, as well as my own and that of my family, I am overwhelmed at all the Lord has done in our lives! That is so exciting to me, and the pain of the past is no longer even a part of my memory. God is so good and forgiveness is KEY! It’s the only way to truly “let go and let God”. Awesome book Michelle! I stand amazed at all that God has in store for you through this book…and the next one. I love you Michelle. Thank you so much. – “Sandy”

Dear Michelle: I really enjoyed your book. Thank you for sharing your faith and life story. May God bless and be with you. – Rev. Robert F. Sims

Cool Beans, Michelle! GOD will bless your ministry for your obedience to His calling… Get ready, Baby — this will the ride of a lifetime! – Kim Branson

I am so excited for you. Many unknown rewards will be stock piled for you because you took a chance and shared your life and how it was changed for eternity. – Ruth McClain

I’m more excited about this book than any other I have waited for. The intent is that others might be blessed through the message it contains and I believe they will be. I am an older woman, raised by two parents in the safety and security of the 50’s. Still, in my life as in every life, there have been opportunities for self pity and seemingly insurmountable mountains to climb. The message of “God are you listening” speaks to every difficult moment in every life and I’m sure it will offer hope and promise to all who are willing to seek God as this author has done. Thank you Michelle Bryant. – Cia Dreves

Michelle, Congratulations on getting your book published! May God Bless you richly as you continue to listen to His voice. We are all excited to see what God will do through your ministry. Love you, – Laura Rud

Nice site. Good luck on your book, I’m sure it will do very well. – Nick C

Michelle it is a true blessing for you to share about your life in a way that other people may gain freedom from their bondage. Great book, and I love the site. –Lorrie Mathews

I really enjoyed reading this book. As a reading fanatic I had such a hard time putting the book down. Michelle, I admire what you’ve overcome and the Godly woman you’ve become. I’m so glad to have a special friend like you. Keep up the writing girl you’re a natural. – Deanna Herning

This book was a tear-jerker, especially for someone who understands the suffering. Very inspirational. I was deeply moved. Sami McCormick

In An Instant

In An Instant is a poignant narrative that takes hold of the reader and doesn’t let go. It offers healing, hope and endurance through the trials, tribulations and exhaustion that accompany adversity. This story is sure to be one that will touch the reader, make them think about life, loved ones and the power of living every day as a gift.

Rambling Roads

Michelle Bryant is a creative mind – has been all her life. She just sees things differently. She has been writing as long as she can remember and sees the world around her through the passionate heart of a dreamer. It is through her writings, prayers and Bible studies that she has found freedom from her childhood of abuse and manipulation.

The transparency and response to her poetry in her first book God, are you listening? was enormous enough to warrant the compilation of many years of Michelle´s personal journalings. Rambling Roads: a collection of thoughts, poems and prayers is filled with not only with Michelle´s writings but with drawings, doodles and photos by her as well.

Both books are a journey. One leads you down a road to freedom, the other down many rambling, winding paths from the innocence of adolescence to the deepness of her soul.

Whether you choose God, are You listening? or Rambling Roads, it is her prayer that readers young and old will find something in the pages of her books that they can relate to, heal from, and grow because of as they journey down the rambling road of Michelle´s mind.

Walking in My Mind

This work is a continuous search for self. within this conglomeration are influences, input, hurts and haunts, delights and doubts, struggles and successes all of which have led the author to allow the therapy of pen to paper to work toward seeking answers, finding healing and chasing sanity. many entries are during singleness after a near 25-year marriage and her attempt to dig out of the hole of feeling like damaged goods. it is her hope that you enjoy the journey. May you find a bit of yourself and your answers, healing and sanity in these pages.

Rise Up, Aim High

It is often said that an entrepreneur is someone who works 80 hours a week, so they don’t have to work 40. As a result, it is obvious that it takes a certain breed, or gumption to be an entrepreneur. If you are a small business owner, are considering starting your own business, would simply like to know what it takes, or are looking to improve your personal development this book will offer simple and easy steps to guide you in your journey.mind.

Raised by Gypsies

Every day we come in contact with other individuals. This book showcases and reflects on the effects we have on those people and how they impact us. Through the author’s own examples we are able to understand the deposits that are made and how they might relate to who we eventually become. In this book Michelle expands on the ripple effect of those encounters which typically occur without us even realizing. As you delve into this book you will not only have examined why you are who you are and why you react the way you do but you will also be encouraged to make a daily effort in recognizing the impact you alone have on those you encounter every minute of the day.

If She Can

Every woman has a story. Some have endured domestic violence or child abuse. Others have suffered the heartache of a broken relationship or miscarriage. Others have made life changing decisions because of circumstances. Still others have overcome serious health challenges. Though they were weary and struggling they found a way to not only survive but grow and thrive.If She Can… Inspiring Stories of Grit, Hope and Courage features the stories of 16 strong women who were challenged but had the strength and courage to win. They are triumphant! They are winners! They are willing to share their stories in hope that through their tears others can find strength and a way forward. Their stories will fill you with hope and leave you feeling inspired and encouraged.Their stories will captivate you. Some will amaze you. Some will startle you. Some will have you shaking your head thinking, “me, too!” There is a story for every woman inside these pages.If She Can … so can you.Featuring: Ann Beauchamp; Dr. Ja’Net Bishop; Tianca Breedlove; Michelle Bryant-Griffin; Dr. Elizabeth Castle; JL Coston; Lynn DelGaudio; Keisha Hawes; Camilla Herold; Demetria Johnson; Katryna Johnson J.D.; Mary Johnson; Kimberly Mills; Chrissy Mullins; Robin Nazon; and Iskra Perez-Salcedo.

Live life wild, free & horsing around

Life is full of surprises. At any given time throughout our day we can discover many reasons to smile. This quirky little book shares some of those moments. Sure to bring a smile or giggle to anyone who turns its pages, we are confident it will brighten any day.