could it be?


© photo by michelle bryant

could God have sent you here to mi
to be a friend and open doors
that once were shut & bolted tight
in a heart that beat no more?

could the fact that we have met each other
really be a sign,
that there is more to this mundane life
than what once was yours and mine?

could the butterflies and giddy feelings
i cant seem to compose
mean that this relationship
is one that God controls?

you consume my days. my thoughts.
i cant stop the feelings deep inside.
i try to be guarded. be safe
but my soul, with you, cant hide.

you bring out the openness in mi
& make mi want to share.
you make my world secure
& so i want you there.

what is it about you that captivates?
that causes doors to open wide?
that makes mi cry to have you hold mi,
ache to have you by my side?

perhaps God knew what he was doing
when he sent your smile my way,
for now it warms my thoughts & keeps mi going
each & everyday.

© michelle bryant

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