Death you cannot have anyone else


death you cannot have anyone else.
you’ve burned out your last light,
picked the last flower in the garden
and sung your last song.

how can you keep taking so much, so often leaving mi cold and hollow,
draining mi of my joy and depleting
my strength?
i am not equipped to endure such agony
and heartache.

you have removed enough from mi.

and so, i declare, from this day forward
no longer will you win this war.
for this is where the road ends and the sunlight shines.

the years, the moments
of wasted breath, you’ve stolen from mi
shall not rob mi from the joy of the now.

no longer can you hijack my smile
or deprive mi of my tomorrows.
no more will i allow you to kill my spirit,
my being, my bliss,
(for) i have gained too much
despite your pilfering.

though momentarily i am choking on words,
i shall dry my tears.
for you are no longer welcome here.

take your fear, your sadness,
your guilt and shame and flee.
you will no longer keep mi apart
from those whom i have lost
for our hearts are entwined,
our memories meshed.

i shall gaze upon the stars twinkling
and feel hope.
hear their laughter, feel their hug through the breeze and their wisdom shall
embrace my memory.
for it is then that i am given a moment once again
with each one
that you have selfishly taken from mi.

oh, you may come again…
gently, quietly, unexpected,
but tread lightly death.
for my shattered heart, battled scars and shed tears shall pave the way
and give mi the strength i need to defeat you.

you no longer shall have power over mi.

for when sadness and loneliness come creeping
peace shall engulf mi
and wrap mi in its warmth
as memories dance through my mind.

even a glimmer here, a shimmer there
of someone i once loved
will provide more strength than anything you can dole.

death. you have taken enough.
you cannot have anyone else
you’ve burned out your last light,
picked the last flower from the garden
sung your last song
and danced your last victory dance.

for my tattered heart, broken spirit, and dried out tears
have paved the way to freedom
and given mi the strength i need to defeat you
and to replenish everything
you think you’ve destroyed, broken, and stolen.

~michelle bryant

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