© photo by michelle bryant


like a shell without the animal,
like a pot without the gold,
the rainbow with no colors,
the house that’s never sold,
like the wind without it’s whistle,
the sun without its rays,
empty is how i feel so often
and in so many ways.

as lonely as a hobo,
as sad as a person in grief,
i feel so many different ways
have so much disbelief.

i’m tired of crying on “mi” i guess
i need someone to believe
i want somebody that i can trust –
i’m as sad as a person in grief.

life’s not going the way i’d planned,
my hopes – they seem to’ve decreased.
i’m tired of being empty inside
i need somthing to believe.

empty –
as a sandy shore
without a grain of sand
sad as a circus clown
without a crowd.
i wish i could describe the way i feel
at times when i feel so down.

© michelle bryant

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