every day is a miracle…


© photo by michelle bryant

every day is a miracle.

i know this to be true.

yet, every once in awhile
i feel insecure,
roaming around- often aimlessly
on this big blue marble
trying to fill the emptiness
that is within mi.

every day, i wake up
i feel so overwhelmed.

and standing by the ocean
i become acutely aware
of just how small i truly am.

but then You breathe on mi
through the wind
and i know Your love is so big.

You have great and wonderful plans for mi
even though i might stray or resist or doubt.

You lift mi up and you fill mi.

You give mi breath and whisper to my soul “arise”
and so with all i have,
with whatever is left of mi,
i pull myself – despite my weaknesses
and i move…
toward You.


pursuing Your purpose for mi
for today-
is a miracle
and i DO have breath.

© michelle bryant

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