he’s out of my life…


© photo by michelle bryant

he’s out of my life.
i don’t know whether to clap or to cry
but now its so different,
since he’s out of my life.

for never had i felt this way,the months we spent together
were tumultuous at best
but my heart is rapidly breaking
at getting by with what is left.

never had let myself fall.
i thought his love was genuine,
turns out..
he didn’t love mi at all.

my thoughts wander to the many words he said,
the letters and poems and such,
my heart is destroyed by the recollection,
the memories with his touch.

how am i supposed to go on
even though i know he’s no good for mi?
he’s out of my life, i should rejoice
(but) instead im in agony.

i should be starting a brand new life
instead of crying tears of pain,
for finally he’s out of my life, out of my heart-
never to hurt mi again!


© michelle bryant

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