hitched a ride…


© photo by michelle bryant

i hitched a ride from a train in the clouds
to take mi home to you.
i’m watching the sky,
as it passes mi by,
observing the patches of blue.

i’m lying my head and resting my mind
knowing i’ll see you soon.
i’m watching the sky,
as it passes mi by
just lying here dreaming of you.

the ride is a vision, a reverie
of an origin unknown-
i’ll just watch the sky,
as it passes mi by
knowing i’m headed home.

the ride is going fine
‘til the train jumps the track,
i fly through the sky,
watch the clouds pass mi by,
screaming to come take mi back.

but there are no trains on the clouds i pass
i find out i’m only dreaming,
for i wake all upset,
in a puddle of sweat,
and i hear the alarm clock ringing.

© michelle bryant

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