how can it be?


© photo by michelle bryant

how can it be
that in such a short time
so many memories have been made,
so many tears have been shed,
so much tenderness been shared?

how can it be
that so many bumpy roads
have already been traveled,
so many hidden spots have been uncovered,
so many walls been conquered &
broken down?

how can it be
that in such a short time
its as though we share a window to each others soul,
that each day seems as six,
that we feel each others touch,
yet we are miles apart,
that the minutes seem like hours
until we can be together?

who can explain
this paradox,
this whirlwind of unexplainable feelings
that have risen to the surface for both of us
in such a short time?

and yet we ask ourselves-
how can it be?

© c. michelle bryant

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