i dont care…


© photo by michelle bryant

i don’t care what they say about how you hurt mi
or how much damage you did to my heart.

i don’t care that i deserve better
i just cant get you out of my thoughts.

i don’t care what they say about you
or even what they say about mi.

i just care about what my heart feels
about you when i drift off to sleep.

i don’t care about how bad you are for mi
or how you left my heart so shattered.

i’m not concerned about the lies you told –
it’s the love we shared that matters.

i don’t care what they say about
the fantasy world i live in (or the train of denial i’m on).

i just care that my heart aches
every minute that you’re gone.

and i don’t care to see anyone else
with their smiles or money or charm.

i just want you to come home to mi
where we’re wrapped again in each other’s arms.

© michelle bryant

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