i used to be beautiful…


© photo by michelle bryant

i used to be beautiful, you know
but you can’t see that now
for nature has taken its toll on mi
and things have changed somehow.

the smile that used to fill a room
holds teeth i clean in a glass,
and the twinkle in my eyes
is replaced with cataracts.

my vision is blurry on a good day,
my skin has lost all form,
my body shows the wear and tear
from years of weathered storms.

one often doesn’t see the beauty,
that lies within this vessel,
but inside i’m still as beautiful
– just lack a bit of muscle.

i used to be an army nurse.
how the gi’s flirted so.
yes, i used to be so beautiful,
but that was long ago.

my smile still is full of joy,
and in my eyes – the spark’s still there.
how wonderful if you could see the beauty
though i’ve lost most of my hair.

i used to play football with my kids,
and laugh and travel and read.
i used to dance until sunrise.
but now i need new knees.

perhaps next time you look at mi
and see a frail old lady,
you’ll see the beauty that’s still within
and then- well then, just maybe-

you’ll see the youngster with her first crush,
the joy of her first kiss,
the love of children and family,
the life so full of bliss.

perhaps the young girl you are now
will see yourself in mi,
& remember one day you’ll be here too
wishing someone would see –
that you also – used to be beautiful.

© michelle bryant

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