im the one…


© photo by michelle bryant

i may not have given birth
to you but…

im the one-
who went to school everyday
that you were being bullied,
who loudly cheered in a room full of strangers
as you walked across the stage
and graduated from middle school
im the one- who helped you
get your new room just the way you wanted it
and got you a new doctor because
the first one didn’t help you with your issues,
im the one who fought for
you to go to another school
and drives over 70 miles a day to get you there.

im the one who bought you a
puzzle of germany (since you were born there)
to occupy you and connect you with
your dad who was over there.

im the one that managed to
get your birth certificate,
so now you can get a drivers license
when youre ready
and helped you get your first real savings account and pre-paid credit card.

im the one- who made you a
cool halloween costume and handed out candy with you,
who took you to the aquarium, the pool, the fire museum
and played laser tag with you for the first time.

im the one- who sat in the
stands during football season and cheered you on in band,
who taught you how to draw
things you didn’t know how to draw.

im the one who talked your
dad into giving you a cell phone and getting you a nook for christmas
even though you were irresponsible with your ipod …twice.

im the one who helps you study,
keeps track of your grades and meets with your teachers.

im the one who made you a
totally cool, edible dragon cake for your birthday
and arranged for you to have a
great and special day
im the one who talked dad into
getting a family dog
so you would have a permanent friend to play with because
you don’t have any in the neighborhood.

im the one who encourages
you when others hurt your feelings or let you down.

im the one who takes pictures of you and sends them to your mom
and helps you pick out pretty things for a girl crush you have.

im the one reading books on
your disorders so i can better understand you.

im the one who hugs you
before bed every night.

no, i may not have given
birth to you,
but im the one
who’s been here for you,
by your side.

loving you.

© michelle bryant

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