is there anything?


© photo by michelle bryant

is there any way my love
can erase the pain
that your heart is feeling now?

is there anyway to undo
what i’ve done
and make you see somehow?

although i took to weakness,
my love is ever deep,
my heart aches to be with only you.

is there a way to heal your heart
for what i’ve done
and make it up to you?

is there a way to forgive and forget,
to beg for a second chance?

can you see in my eyes
what my heart really feels,
the remorse, the pain
for the sins of my pride?

can you give mi a minute
to love you again
to show that you’re the one?

is there anyway you’d reconsider
and let mi try to undo
what i’ve done?

can you look in my eyes
and see through to my heart?

do you know mi well enuf,
to see the mistake i’ve made
is killing mi
and that you’re the one i love?


© michelle bryant

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