It’s OK to NOT be perfect


Hello to all my female friends!
I wanted to start off by reminding you that it’s OK to NOT be perfect. It’s OK to break down in front of someone you hardly know because you are “in a funk.” PLEASE KNOW You don’t have to feel alone, be alone or do everything alone. There’s no award for doing it “all by myself!” You no longer have to impress your mother, father or anyone in your life. Your success is NOT determined by what anyone ELSE says it is. You already KNOW what it’s like to do it all, to multi task. All the chores, all the cooking, all the care giving, all the taxi driving, all the appointment setting. You already know that you can…but that doesn’t mean that you have to. In fact, you HAVE to.. no YOU MUST make time for yourself. You can not pour from an empty cup. You CAN be involved and NOT be in charge.
Next time, you think,”I wish I had some help…” reach out and ask for some @#*^ help! Whether you need it or want it, turns out, there ARE others who WANT to help, who WANT to sow into your lives, who WANT to be ASKED. So, please promise mi, from now on, you won’t take on the world all by yourself.
Promise mi you will ask for assistance. Maybe you just want someone to share a cup of coffee with to just listen. No advice, no banter. Today i needed someone to “just listen to mi vent” and you know what? Two people were put in my path. Uplifting, encouraging, enlightening. Preventing mi from dealing with the voice in my head telling mi that things needed to be perfect, that i was a failure. And i was reminded that I am not alone. ♡

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