little moments to shine


She is warm, kind and always fun to be around with an infectious laugh and has one of those personalities that holds a gravitational pull toward those around her and lights up any room she enters. She rarely seems to have a bad day or is seen grouchy, touchy, or moody. She makes a conscious effort to be kind always despite what may be going on in her world.

Do you know someone like her? I think we all do. We adore her and strive to be more like her. But we are wary, anxious, or intimidated. Perhaps we listen to the voices in our head that tells us we are not outfitted for such things.

The truth is, no matter what we allow ourselves to believe, to hold us back, we are equipped to share some of our joy with others who may need it. We can open a door for a mother with full arms carrying her baby, and toddlers in tow. We can pay generosity forward and encourage someone who may be going through a difficult time simply by sitting with a listening ear.

It is little moments like these that allow us to shine our light if we embrace them. We can focus on the sparkle that glows within us and share our heart with others. It is those moments that our vulnerabilities can provide not only for the hearts and souls of others but fill our cup overflowing.

© c. michelle bryant

Image by Pixabay – Stocksnap/27551

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