My Church


ok, i confess.

i’ve been known to be uncaring,
unloving & unkind,
in fact, at times, ive been that person
i didn’t really like.

but time has shown its light to mi.
that redemption’s just in sight.
& i surround myself with nature
& embrace what’s just outside.

i find wholeness & grace
when i simply take time
to be still & quiet & see,
the magnitude of all creation
as its warmth embraces mi.

it’s there i find my own revival
as i sit among the trees,
my soul stirs the “hallelujahs”
as the birds begin to sing.

it’s the buds transforming into blossoms
(&) with the breeze my spirit shouts “Amen.”
i guess that nature is the church
to wash away my sin.

for there i feel oh so small
& somehow, also grand.
there the message carries through the wind,
& holds mi in its hands.

it’s there i see the proof that each day
can end so lovely,
as the sunset paints the sky,
& there, surrounded by creation
i always start to cry.

yes, even upon a trodden stump,
as i breathe the majesty of the day,
i’m transcended & reminded
my mistakes are washed away.

new life is breathed into my wretched soul
& my spirit starts to soar.
nature is my church, my haven
my solitude & more.
~© michelle bryant griffin

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