need someone…


© photo by michelle bryant

i’ve been filling my hours and filling my glass
with trivialities to make time pass.
praying the moments will run ever so fast
that my routines will just be a mist
in this loneliness.

i’ve been watching them, seeing their faces,
and imagining their warm embraces.
searching for what my empty heart chases,
hoping the tears will just be a mist
inside my loneliness.

God, how i need somebody.
and today it could be anybody.
just hold mi tight- through the night
and don’t let go, forever slow
to wage the war on this loneliness.
to grab hold of the passion and fill the heat

as the covers fall from below our feet
and we feel as though we have one heartbeat…
God, how i need somebody,
to wage the war on this loneliness.

someone just to take the time
to fill their loneliness glass with mine
to share a moment so sweet & divine.
somebody to wipe away the tears
inside this heart of loneliness.

© michelle bryant

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