oh to know…


© photo by michelle bryant

oh, the joy to know of a man
who loves mi for who i am,
with all my flaws and bad hair days~
he chooses to be with mi anyway.

oh, to find a man that finds my quirks sexy
that wants nothing more than to be with mi,
that thinks i’m both funny and smart,
that has mi wrapped around his heart.

oh, to know the pleasure of keeping a smile on his face
even when he’s working throughout the day.
oh, to be the one that keeps him going.
oh, the joy to be loved and never doubt knowing.

yes, to know such joy, pleasure and bliss
of a man who waits to get home to my kiss,
of a love that erases the world’s daily grind.
oh, to have such a love, outside of my mind.

© michelle bryant

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