super moon for a super man…


© photo by michelle bryant

As far as Alaska is from Florida the day came to a close with the appropriate timing of the “super moon.” As different as the monumental snow covered mountains is to the foamy waves beating away the sand on the shore of the colossal ocean we, as family and friends, somehow were connected that evening.

The moon and the memories brought us together despite our differences, distances and disillusionment.

Some sipped coffee brandy, his favorite ending to a long day, others gathered by the fire and retold tales of stories he’d previously enlighten us with while others simply sat and gazed at the moon and talked silently to him. We all reached out, remembered and recaptured our moments in our own way in search of healing,  hope and the will to understand.

Although miles may have separated us as family members we all shared in the beauty of the moon and in our feelings for him that night.

Both seem to connect us and bring us together in a way that seemed, like the “super moon,” to happen only once every twenty or so years.

All of us in our lives, go about our day, working, shopping,driving, texting.. simply living; and often we forget that it could be the last moment we have on this earth and that although we live in a world that electronically (and with the assistance of social media and the internet) keeps us connected we are still so distant with each other and really do not communicate at all.

The “super moon” ended a day that was filled with emotional heartache, tears, pain, unanswered questions and disappointment but it shined down on the reminiscence of a super man. It cast its glow and brought about a connection to a family through his legacy and radiance and ultimately they BOTH brought us all some peace, laughter, strength and the will to continue…together.

© c. michelle bryant

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