tell him…


© photo by michelle bryant

im scared, afraid to show how my heart feels
will he feel the same, will he think im weak?
love’s unfair but ive got to tell him
he’s all ive got and all ive ever dreamed.

tell him i need him, i think i might love him
that this wall around my heart is crumbling,
that i may have faith to believe in love again
that without him i am nothing.

ive been left with my heart in hand before
but i must tell him – even if i cry
(for) i cant pass up the chance to tell him
cant let this love pass by.

how can i tell him
without his love, i have no happiness,
that the moon and stars rise in his eyes
and i quiver at the thought of his kiss?

how can i tell him i long to hold him close,
that to feel his heartbeat is a gift?
how can i tell him, touch him in such a way
that he knows there’s only him?

i need to tell him that the passion that grows
consumes its place in my mind
that i don’t think i could endure a day
if he wasn’t by my side,

so he knows my love cant be denied,
that he belongs with mi?
but what if my words speak wrong?
then what good would these feeling be?

i must tell him now that nothing is compared
to the love hes brought to mi,
that my heart is about to explode
and my fear – to be set free.

© michelle bryant

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