the rarest of loves…


© photo by michelle bryant

these eyes close to dream of you
every night.
these lips long to kiss you
and my ears to hear you sigh.

these arms want to hold you tight
as my heart holds you so.
baby, i love you so much
probably more than you know.

for my eyes often, secretly cry for you
my lips crave to kiss you all over,
my arms want to wrap themselves around and love you,
like no other.

my heart skips a beat when you cross my mind
and my soul gets giddy and weak
my body starts to crave you like a magnet to steel
just wanting us to meet.

you think it an obsession,
i know it as the purest and rarest of loves
for never have i felt this way
nor have i ever been so moved…

by every fiber of my being,
by every ounce that i possess.
i just know when im with you
i’ve simply got the best.


© michelle bryant

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