the type of person


I aim to be the person who is nice, kind, warm. 

At least until I need to not be nice. 

I am the person who does what they say they will do…and if something changes, i have the courtesy to let you know. Therefore, I expect people to do the same.

I treat people well. I have a huge heart and a listening ear.

I love hard and feel deep. 

In fact, I often care way too much.

I am overly forgiving, give others the benefit of a doubt and try to see things from their perspective.

I want to see everybody win, to get along, to have peace and laughter surround us like wind through the air.

It may seem naive, or hoaky or even farfetched but I genuinely strive to eliminate strife, share love and make others smile and feel important.

But don’t mistake my kindness or forgiveness for weakness. Because if you try mi one too many times, if you cross mi or hurt mi good enough…

I have to say…

I’m at a point in my life where I will let you go. Almost like you never existed.

© c. michelle Bryant griffin

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