they can see…


© photo by michelle bryant

written for a co-worker: for her and her beau as she told mi about her relationship with him & how they felt about each other.

our hearts are connected so tight
although miles may separate us
as the tenderness of your kisses lingers
and i have the reflection of love in your eyes.

the times we’ve spent laughing,
the moments we share alone
have made all roads lead you to –a place in my heart called home.

although days turn to nights
and we’re simply left to share the moon
our dreams keep us together
‘til we can hold each other soon.

‘til we can walk with each other hand in hand
as people see our glow,
when others look and want our love.
they just see us – and they know.

no, they may not know the distance
or about the obstacles we face.
they just see the joys we carry
and the smiles on our face.

they can see in our faces
that the miles won’t keep you from me,
for as long as we share one heart
my world is so complete.


© michelle bryant

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