this undiscovered road…


© photo by michelle bryant

i set out on this undiscovered road
and try to guard my heart,
keeping it locked, safe & untouchable
as others have torn it apart.

its been glued and held together on wishes & dreams,
and waits for a love perhaps i’ll never know,
but i keep walking with this heart held tight
on this new, undiscovered road.

but along the way i crossed your path
and a friendship has been formed
and my heart has started to beat again
where i thought it had died before.

i’m taking this road so slowly though
and i hope that that’s okay.
that you’ll grab my hand and walk with mi,
that we’ll grow along the way.

i don’t know where this road will lead
or if my heart will ever trust again
but i know with you beside mi
i’ll be honored to call you friend.

perhaps a foundation will be formed,
(and) my locked heart, be rid of fear –
for together we’ll travel a road of love so rare
that we’ll share, throughout our years,

that our separate roads will lead to one
and our hearts and souls – of course;
that my broken heart be mended and trust
because it will be meshed with yours.

© michelle bryant

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