time after time…


© photo by michelle bryant

time after time-
day after day,
i come home-
only to open an empty mailbox,
unlock an empty apartment,
climb into an empty bed,
possess and empty feeling.

why do i bother to come home at all?

why do i
time after time,
day after day,
think that today will be different?

maybe one day, it will be different?

where is the man
i hear about
in fairy tales and movies?

where are my roses,
my filled empty spaces, the giddy, glowing feeling
that being in love brings out?

where are the love letters,
the candlelight dinners,
the embracing arms,
and tender kisses?

time after time,
day after day,
i constantly wonder,
what did i ever do-
to deserve all these empty things,
all these empty days,
all these empty feelings?

why do i bother to wonder?

whoever you are,
wherever you are,
if you even exist –
one of these days,
surprise mi.

fill my mailbox with letters,
my apartment with cheer,
my life with joy, my soul with love.

please fill mi,
take these empty feelings,
show mi what fairy tales and movies are all about..

but hurry,
before it’s just too late.

© michelle bryant

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