too late?


© photo by michelle bryant

i wanted to stay in bed this morning.
i had no will to fight
but i made myself get up and get going,
told myself it’d be alright!

you won’t talk to mi anymore
and i can no longer hide under the sheets.
something’s wrong and i know it
for last night – you barely would speak.

maybe our love is dying
or maybe the wounds run deep,
but something has truly changed
and now i can barely sleep.

maybe it’s too late for us to start over,
or maybe we’ve both lost our fight.
maybe our time has run its course,
maybe it’s too hard to try.

if you can’t love mi like i need
and i’m a roller coaster ride-
then maybe it’s better we just move on
than force ourselves by trying.

(yes) i used to want to stay in bed all day
and watch the sunrise, just us two
(but) now i just pull the covers over my head.
i don’t know what to do.

i used to think everything would be okay,
that i’d wake up by your side,
but now i wonder if it’s too late for us,
if really we’ve lost our fight?


© michelle bryant

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