traveling down…


© photo by michelle bryant

traveling down life’s winding road
i see no end in sight,
walking aimlessly i follow the trail
searching for the light. 

the light that shows mi i’ve arrived
that says my life is through.
i feel like i’m walking in circles
trying to get to You.

this life is a gift You’ve given mi
what i’ve become i regret
for have i served Your purpose for mi?
have Your expectations been met?

i know as i walk and search
what a work in progress i am,
but i also know i want to live
according to Your plan.

it’s a long way to where i’m going
but i know You’ll help mi find my way.
as i walk along this path called life
i feel You here each day.

so as i take this long, long road
and try each day to survive,
i thank you, Lord for the crisp, fresh air
that reminds mi- i’m alive.

to be more like You and less like mi
will take a lifetime to pursue,
but as long as Your light keeps guiding mi
i’ll keep setting my sights on You.

© michelle bryant

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