turned on the light of deceit…


© photo by michelle bryant

the words of deceit that poured from your lips
were like honey to my naive ears.
how would i know of the heartache they’d bring,
the agony, the anguish, the tears?

ive read and re-read the poetry and notes,
(and) can now clearly see the lines you played,
the manipulations of pawn from king,
so strategically you made.

the cover-ups, the head games,
and you thought i was none too smart
to see through to what you were doing,
while still giving from my heart.

you took a soul so full of kindness
and a love so selfless and true,
and twisted it, abused and used it,
to make it work for you.

then one day the light came on
and i discovered where i stood with you
and i chose to get up, move on and grow
from the deceit, the lies and abuse.

for i have value and worth
and a love that someone needs,
but as far as you in my life..
you’re through controlling mi.

so take your lies and all your coercions,
go pretend to live your life,
for God knows who you really are
and he will make things right.

© michelle bryant

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