Turning a cold and dreary day into positive possibilities


Lately, the weather where I live has been freezing cold, rainy, and wet one day or in the 70’s, beautiful with a light breeze, fluffy clouds, and bright sunshine the next. But that is winter in the South. Sporadic. Unpredictable. Ever-changing. Today just happens to be one of those cold, wet, dreary, “just want to stay in bed and ‘veg’ days.”

So, of course, my mind wants to run amok. It never sleeps even when it sleeps. Setting aside lists of things I need to do, goals I need to set, and laundry that should be done or put away, I allow today’s yucky weather to allow mi to take time to simply be still and surround myself in the warmth of my modest home and reflect, relax, and rejoice in my blessings.

Naturally, all this mind wandering leads mi to write. It’s just what I do. However, allowing my thoughts to take off to unknown destinations can be both therapeutic and tormenting. Yet here I am. Writing once again and what began as simply a brain dump has led to this message. I thought maybe someone needed to hear it as well, so I decided to share.

Although today’s local weather is cold, harsh, and bitter, my thought process is positive and hopeful. Yes, the year is quickly coming to an end, gifts are wrapped and ready, cards have been created and sent, and fresh dreams and goals have been contemplated and even documented.

Things are changing in my personal and professional life. I have felt it in my bones and my very being for months now. Although not frightened by it or adverse to it, I’ve never been a huge fan of change. I think it is mostly because change is something which I have no control. I like knowing outcomes. I need to be prepared. I must have a plan in place. And yet, right now, amid this cold, dreary, winter day I feel peace in what lies ahead. Perhaps the peace and confidence come in knowing these things in which I am certain.

I am losing some things, yet I feel I am making room for something better.

I am experimenting with inspirations and ideas that not only stretch my gifts and talents but require a confidence I never held for myself.

I am gleaning and learning from the past but will not take up residency there as I say goodbye to the past and embrace the new. Challenges and all.

I am choosing to be more tolerant and forgiving.

I am determined to make every moment count (for time is one thing we never get back) and to view each moment as a new beginning and live with no sorrow, regret, anger, or fear.
I plan to envision all the possibilities that lie ahead, not just the ones within my comfort level, to see the life I desire and go for it full throttle.

I have set goals and prioritized but will allow myself the flexibility to alter them as the journey unfolds and recognize even the smallest blessings that occur in my life each day.

I intend to celebrate my successes no matter how small, to give myself grace when it comes to dealing with my failures, and to strive more for excellence, not perfection.

I will not quit! The world that surrounds mi may be harsh and cold, and filled with hate and I may be ridiculed, mocked, and shunned but I will not quit shining my light, rooting for the underdog, and helping transform others to shine theirs, because it is a journey I know well and path which unites us.

I will not stop giving hope to the hopeless, motivation to the hopeful, and offering encouragement every day. It is how I shall leave my mark. After all, we do not live forever but we can create something that will. This I hope to do even beyond my last breath.

Girl, it’s time! It’s time to get out from under those covers. Get out of your comfort zone and away from your safety net. Embrace the outside world and whatever changes or opportunities may be on your horizon. It’s time to count your blessings, to rejoice in the fact that every day you see the sun shine through your window in the morning and put your feet on the floor is a day to celebrate.

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Photo credit: Focus on Fabulous Creative Photography

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