what if i told you?


© photo by michelle bryant

so what if i told you

i cry almost everyday..(even if im happy)

that the times when i have the most to say are usually when i am the quietest?

if i told you im crazy….(about being crazy about someone- and having them be crazy about mi)?

that im not interested in being “interesting”- just in being “mi” and being liked for that alone?

if i mentioned that at my age, its probably too far fetched to want to be so close to someone that when THEY weep i taste salt,

that my cold and wounded heart could melt with the right kiss,

that its funny that im often most funny when im frightened or insecure,

that the baggage i often carry is whatever someone lays on mi, (no matter how heavy)

that in spite of my height, i know life is short and i want grab hold of every minute of it,

that waking up every morning REALLY is a gift from God,

that being honest is what makes a relationship work..but it takes two who REALLY want it to make it happen?

that i dont dance & i sing off key but i LOVE to do both.. would you do them with mi?

what if i told you im deathly afraid to be so alive with someone that it often keeps mi from getting the love i truly want,

that i hate sushi but sleep “in the raw”..LOL!?

that im NOT a tease but i’d love to “tease” the right guy right into the palm of my hands- every chance i could!

what if i told you i believe two people can make magic together without ever cutting the cards?

that i write poetry and am passionate but im a scared butterfly trapped inside a cocoon waiting to show my glorious wings?

what if i told you when i close my eyes i see both destruction and beauty?

what if i told you im not perfect.. but i could be perfect for someone?

that i dont want to fight for someone to fight for mi but desperately want them to want mi?

but, what if i also told you i’ve all but given up on finding love.. true love??


© michelle bryant

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