what if?


© photo by michelle bryant

what if i called you up and told you that i’ve missed you,
that these years apart i’ve seen where we belong?

and suppose i cried and said i finally realized
what my heart’s been needing all along?

what if i told you that i knew since we were young lovers,
but now its killing mi to be so far away?

would you tell mi that you miss mi too,
or would you turn and tell mi its too late?

what if i told you i would leave the life i know
if i knew that you would do the same for mi?

or would you say there’s someone else
and this love can never be?

what if i got down on my knees and told you i’d do anything?

would you offer to help mi up and hold my hand,
and walk with mi as we did
way back when our love first began?

would you tell mi that you’ve missed mi, you’ve been waiting for mi too,
that we’ll live in love forever by each other’s side?

or will you turn and tell mi there’s another
and leave mi there to cry?


© michelle bryant

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