who are you?


© photo by michelle bryant
..if you find my beloved, what will you tell him?
Tell him I am faint with love.
Song of Solomon 5:7-9

you have an amazing smile & the most dreamy, captivating eyes, they engulf mi…

my hair is always a total mess in the morning, & you love that!

i think you’re addicted to ice cream, you think i’m addicted to you- hehe!

you love my hands, hold them all the time.

you love to play with my hair.

in the car you keep your hand on my thigh when im driving, making it difficult for mi to drive.

you’re very intelligent, always thinking, always dreaming.

you love that i am passionate about what i do ..and when something happens that i am excited about i ramble on about it .. that makes your day!

i love listening to you. truthfully, i love looking at you, getting lost in your eyes.

you love rainy days as much as i do.. we love to stand on the porch and smell the rain.

you know i love the beach: the smell of it, the taste of the salt on my lips, the sound of the waves beating against the shore, the sand between my toes, the breeze in my face & hair, the sun on my skin and so you take mi there to play often.

you like music & enjoy grabbing mi to dance with you, whether its a live show or the kitchen floor.. we dance.

you love being comfortable in your jeans & bare feet but can still knock ‘em dead at a black tie event.

you love cuddling on the couch just watching a movie or some type of documentary & mute the commercials (just for mi).

we kiss all the time!! you’re so passionate!

sometimes (when im overly tired) i snore… but you think its cute.

you motivate mi to be a better person & inspire mi to be creative.

you are not afraid to cry.

you love my children. they love you too.

we enjoy saturday morning cereal in bed & do our devotions.

you’re always teaching mi something new, just by being who you are.

i like to wear your big shirts (with nothing else).

you calm mi when i’m upset.

we can never stay mad at each other for too long.

you have a great job that you love doing.

i moan when we kiss. it makes you melt.

you love to travel & so we have ventured to many places.

you always remember the important dates & even surprise mi with an occasional “happy wednesday”.

you like to stay in shape.. which inspires mi to do the same & you motivate mi in such an encouraging way.

we like each others cooking & take turns with the dishes.

you’re hard working.. serious ..determined, a man of integrity, character, prayer & faith- who’s word is his bond.

your goofy sense of humor is as twisted as mine.

we laugh all the time.

you call mi up to say “i love you” when i least expect it.

i text you pictures of mi while you’re at work, that make you blush.

you sing to me even though it’s so painful..lol- but i love it!

i love the way you smell. the smell of your cologne drives mi wild.

your soft, sexy voice drives mi nuts.

i love to lay my head on your chest when were sleeping & feel your hand caress up and down my back.

your soft touch always excites mi.

we love watching clouds roll by & picturing what they look like & talk about what heaven must be like.

i dont have a favorite flower but love to photograph them, you think that’s so cool!

you love that i still believe from time to time that we should pull off the side of the freeway & make out like two teenagers breaking the rules.

& even after we’ve been married twenty years…after we’ve made love, you kiss my sleepy head good bye in the morning, as you head off to work & i wonder to myself what i did to deserve such a love as this & how long i will have to wait to share another one of those incredible mornings with you.

but who are you?

© michelle bryant

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