worth fighting for…


© photo by michelle bryant

its true..

i deserve better
than walking around with the scarlet letter
you keep hanging over mi.

i loved you
with my whole heart
but nothing was enough
you took mi so for granted and misused my love.

you tell mi i’m exhausting
and weak,
that i frustrate you more
than you can even speak.

yet, you used to love mi without measure
and thought my flaws were cute
but now it seems i’ve no recourse,
and words are merely moot.

i know in my heart that you love mi-
but i deserve better than this.

i still think we are worth fighting for
in spite of the tumultuousness.

if only you’d open your eyes and see
and even swallow your pride,
that in this relationship we had
you’re not the only prize.

you too have flaws and baggage,
and idiocracies.

but i thought when you love someone
you overlook or help with these.

guess not.

and yet, in spite of the fact that i know
i deserve better than this
i still believe in the love
that i felt from the moment of our first kiss.

© michelle bryant

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