you loved mi when i was invisible…


© photo by michelle bryant

the road to singleness can be a long & lonely one
the heart cannot measure its wake
and the ups and downs, the hills & valleys
merely add to the daily ache.

i’ve walked alone in this nothingness – for so long
unworthy, unlovely, unseen,
looking into empty eyes and phony faces
for a love that might have been.

for someone who might notice the spark in mi,
as the sun glistens off my soul,
for the road to singleness to lead mi
to a heart that wasn’t cold.

to cease being invisible in a world so full of color,
to shine with a love so bright and rare,
for someone to notice this love in mi
wanting to escape and be shared.

and then, somewhere on the journey
the road, takes a brand new path –
your road crosses over to mine
and the horizon’s within our grasp.

for you took notice of a caterpillar
lying in the dirt.
you gently wiped away the muck
and kissed away the hurt.

you kept mi from being trampled,
watched a butterfly grow into her wings.
you loved mi when i was invisible,
(you) saw what others didn’t see.

now i lie upon your shoulder –
it’s the safest place i’ve ever been.
and so my journey is just beginning –
a journey – with you. without end.

~ “mi”

© michelle bryant

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