you say – but he says…


© photo by michelle bryant

you say you don’t think you can
be with someone as emotional as mi,
but he thinks i am passionate,
loves my fire & spontaneity.

you said that we want different things
yet ask if my (future) plans might include you.

he talks about today, tomorrow and next year
(and) the things he wants for “us” to do.

you can’t seem to decide what you want-
if its mi or to stay alone just by yourself
but he says that i rock his world
and he wants to be with no one else.

he thinks i’m worth the effort,
wants nothing more than to keep mi around,
but you just like to walk away
keep playing games & bringing mi down.

he says i’m just right for him
that i’m perfect in every way.

(it’s) too bad you couldn’t get it together
and learn how to make yourself stay.

it’s too bad you couldn’t see
that we are perfect for each other.

it’s so sad that you choose to live in the past
when right now, we could be together.

when at this moment, we could be holding each other
and as we come around the corner, stealing a kiss
it’s a shame you can’t wake up and be a the man
that finally realizes this!


© michelle bryant

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