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Focusing on what is important in life Michelle pays full attention to her faith, her art and her heart. Represented well in her works, one can clearly see she exemplifies creativity, as evident in her writings, her life, her photography and the way she views the world. Armed with her faith in God and the love and support of her family, she has been able to find freedom from her abusive past and through her smile and unique sense of humor is able to share this passion and creativity with those around her. She has made it her mission to give God the glory for all of her talents and blessings.

The publication of her first book, God, are you listening? brought many opportunities for Michelle to share her story, passion and light thorough various engagements such as: Colorado Springs Mothers of Prayer group, a group of domestic violence victims in Jacksonville, Florida, and has appeared on the nationally syndicated radio broadcast “The Healing Touch with Norma Dearing” and the Morning Show on KTLF 90.5 in Colorado Springs. In addition, Michelle ministered to youth at a residential treatment facility for boys and girls suffering from emotional issues such as abuse and neglect.

Her time, spent at Ringling School of Art and Design, proved to be the catapult to her creativity and has provided education, insight and lessons she carries with her to this day.

Claiming to be only an “amateur professional” photographer, Michelle says, “there is always someone better than us out there and always something more we can learn.” However, she has taken several awards in statewide and online competitions for her photographic work.

Johnna Hyde, Director of Photography at Carpe Diem 365 says,  “Michelle has a unique perspective that is different than what everyone else submits and it definitely got our attention.” 

As you journey through the talented road of Michelle´s creative mind, choosing to either read one of her books, devotions or articles, or gaze upon one of her beautiful photographs, it is her prayer that you will find something that you can connect with, heal from or know God as a result.

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