a work of the heART…


© photo by michelle bryant

ever hoped to find a treasure hidden within the mud and muck of the basement?

well look no further.

this unique, early 60’s, funky, work of art may be just what youre looking for.

this special masterpiece is well-traveled throughout canada, the united states including alaska and hawaii, and seeks final owner to appreciate quality art and workmanship.

this piece is a one-of-a-kind and proudly marked with a signature, by the original “Creator” Himself.

it still lights up a room when placed in the proper setting.
in fact, it would look great above any piano or mantle as a variety of music and romance always compliments its style.

so versatile it can be placed in the parlor or the lodge and still hold its value and charm.

currently we notice no visible scratches, rips or tears as a newly improved restoration process has it virtually like new and in almost pristine condition despite previous misuse, neglect, and just being unappreciated.

a good polishing and some authentic tlc would be all that’s needed to bring out the true beauty, quirkiness and light of this treasure in no time
then general touch-ups for protection would leave it virtually maintenance free.

comes complete with solid and sturdy frame work allowing for security in stability and the hanging mechanism is perfect for pda’s.
a small pouch for carrying additional repairing accessories and a little baggage is also installed but may be eliminated when trust and devotion are added instead.

also includes a lifetime warranty and certificate of loyalty to right person.

serious offers only.

© michelle bryant

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