hardest hurt to heal…


© photo by michelle bryant

many times i’ve loved a man
been many times let down
i just cant find the perfect guy
where can he be found?

many men i’ve loved and lost
but his love just wasn’t there.
everyday was one of fear
will someone ever care?

i’ve been misled and hurt
and yes, the pain is real
but a shattered love affair
is the hardest hurt to heal.

now i’ve built a barrier
with a lock no one can steal.
i’m tired of trying to avoid,
the hardest hurt to heal.

i just want someone to love mi
and feel just like i feel
then i can destroy my barrier
and the hardest hurt to heal.

i can’t forget past lovers
and how i hurt back then
but i’ll keep searching ‘til i find him,
but how? and where? and when?

© michelle bryant

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