look to see…


© photo by michelle bryant

what lurks beneath is not always what shows on the surface.

behind a smile and kind words
can be venomous manipulation and deceit
or something as innocent as
an unthought through motive or word
left hanging in the balances of hurt-
never to be taken back or undone.

perhaps in our recollection
of collecting our thoughts
we should consider our own light
and how it shines,
not only on the situation at hand
but throughout the world at large.
maybe instead of sulking and pouting, assuming,
or being angry
or even asking forgiveness if we’re the offender-
we should take a look at the heart-
of each of the parties involved.

(for) to really know someone requires a pure intimacy,
a vulnerability that exposes us like no other..to each other.
therefore, we are destined to be bruised, battered
and even betrayed at times (even by those we care about most).
but to trust someone requires that when that vulnerability
is exposed, tattered and tainted,
as it is destined to be in this imperfect world,
that we feel security of the comfort and peace
in the heart and hands
of the one in which it is placed.

~ © michelle bryant

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