people don’t really know mi.


people don’t really know mi.

if they truly did they would know that…

  • i am generous beyond means,
  • compassionate and forgiving even when it hurts to be so.
  • i strive to move beyond the mistakes of the past and press on toward accomplishments of today.
  • i cry a little almost every day, sometimes of joys, most times not. but i love to laugh…often.
  • i am oversensitive and over emotional but would never intentionally hurt anyone.
  • i wear my heart on my sleeve, although it is scarred.
  • i pray several times a day (in adoration, appreciation & need)
  • i believe in second chances
  • i am transparent yet often not very obvious in my intentions.
  • although a writer, i have difficulty expressing myself verbally one to another.
  • i see things differently than most – this is both a blessing and a curse.
  • i am tough yet tender, passionate yet reserved, cautious yet spontaneous, simple yet complex, strong yet fragile, outgoing but shy, intelligent but naïve.
  • i am different in every aspect of the word – from the way i look at the world to the way i do most anything- this often makes mi misunderstood.
  • i believe in letting go of things that weigh mi down and holding tight to those which are uplifting. i try myself to be uplifting & encouraging to others & make those that surround mi feel there is something special in them and show my enthusiasm in their successes.
  • i believe people are basically good and will do what they say
  • im working every moment of every day on improving myself, my “words” my “anger” and the legacy i will leave behind, therefore, i hope to have no time to criticize others. 
  • i guess, i’m still trying to make (and leave) my mark, even though every time i do, someone paints the wall.

people don’t really know mi…

for i am an artist, a dreamer, paradox, an enigma. 

i am uncommon, exceptional and not easy to love or understand. 

but (among other things), 

i am faithful, loyal, devoted, trustworthy, and so worth the journey.


~ © c. michelle bryant

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