restless nights…


© photo by michelle bryant

the nights are lonesome and restless
without someone by my side
to mess up the covers with
and hold each other tight.

i spend so much time lying awake
just staring at the ceiling and walls,
clinging to pillow beside mi
curled up in a shell of a ball.

wondering how long the night will last
as the clock slowly ticks away
and wishing my dreams would carry mi
to a place where i long to stay.

watching nightfall turn to morning
as daybreak fills my room,
though sweet slumber never came
day has come too soon.

and now i must get on with life
and pretend i’m actually alive-
even though my night was restless
with just a pillow by my side.

(but) maybe tonight will be the night
that my arms are filled with yours
that i finally get that peaceful rest,
and many nights forever more.

that my pillow is replaced by you
that i feel you – skin to skin
as your breath is warm against mi
and i wake as day begins….(sigh)

…oh for my pillow to have a pulse
and if only such dreams came true-
then my nights would not be so restless,
for i’d spend them next to you.

© michelle bryant

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