say you’ll stay…


© photo by michelle bryant

say we belong together
and i consume your thoughts each day
say you want nobody else.

just tell mi that you’ll stay.

say i’m worth the effort,
that my smile makes your day.
i don’t care how long it takes.
just say that you will stay.

say that i’m wrapped in your heart
and in your arms as well,
that you cant live another minute
without my kisses- that make you melt.

say you’ll stay and love mi
and o-o-oh, i’ll love you too!
say you’ll share your dreams with mi
and we’ll never again be blue.

forever may be a long time
and my heart has a wounded wall
but say you’ll stay forever,
to catch mi when i fall.

just say you’ll stay from now on
(and) for the long haul you’ll be around,
that we’ll live a love we’ve only dreamed
and then all my walls be down.

just tell mi that you’ll stay
that my dreams are finally coming true,
for at last i’ve found a love so real-
the love, i’ve found- in you!

© michelle bryant

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