the woman i am…


© photo by michelle bryant

written at age 16 and yet it still applies today!

the woman i am
is hidden inside.
the woman i seem
feels no need to hide.

the woman i seem to be
is full of love and mirth,
im totally opposite of expectations
that awaited mi at birth.

the woman i seem to be
is friendly and free.
im not what people
expect of mi

the woman i seem,
i want to abide.
the woman i am
is concealed inside.

the woman i am
lives miserably-
opposite of what
she seems to be.

the woman i am
is lonely and sad,
the woman i seem
i wish i had.

i hate to be phony,
i hate to be fake
but now i feel
my life’s at stake.

i need to decide
which woman is mi
and disintegrate
what seems to be.

the woman i am
and the woman i seem..
one is michelle,
the other’s a dream.

© michelle bryant

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