what did i do for you today?


© photo by michelle bryant

what did i do for you today, Lord?
did i thank you for the sun peeking thru the drapes
as the alarm clocked blared?

or did i complain and curl deep in the covers
and forget that you were there?

did i praise you for the breath
that right now i can not bear?

or did i hit the snooze button
and forget that you were there?

what did I do for you today, Lord?

did i praise you, as you guided mi?

or offer you a prayer?

or did i simply go to work
and forget that you were there?

did i ever take the time
to ask about your cares?

or was i so self-seeking
that i forgot that you were there?

well, now my day is over
the moon shines through the room
i reflect on all you done for mi
but, what have i done for You?

forgive mi Lord for being so consumed
in my day to day routine
beginning tomorrow i’ll start each day-
by asking what YOU need.

so, tomorrow as the alarm clock rings
and my breath is such a scare,
i can’t wait to feel my heart
and know that You are there.

as the sun peeks through my curtains
and the day is bright and new
i’ll lift my groggy head and ask –
“Lord, what i can do?”

but before I lay my head tonight
i’ve one more thing to say;
thank you Lord, for allowing mi
to share with you this day.

© michelle bryant

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