within mi…


© photo by michelle bryant

within mi lies a person
no one really sees,
a paradox of many facets
make up the single mi.

part of mi is shy and timid
but i have a crazy, wild side.
within mi lies many layers
but deep within i hide.

i’m both spontaneous and cautious,
withdrawn and outgoing.
i tend to be encouraging,
and moody without knowing.

within mi is a lover
yet i’ll fight a cause to my death,
strong but so weak i’d collapse,
should i stop to take a breath.

within mi lies a dreamer,
a creative, giving soul,
dying to be touched by a love
that might fill the empty hole.

within mi is many women
often led astray,
but daily i am smiling
for the grace of another day.

for each day i wake to the sun shining,
to be the best i’m blessed to be,
(and) rest assured i wont be boring
with all that’s within mi.

© michelle bryant

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