A Life Overflowing


Who doesn’t love a good, hot soak in a bubble bath? I mean, simply watching the tub fill with layer upon layer of rich foamy bubbles is an awesome experience in itself. For mi, I can never have too many bubbles. In fact, I’ve been known to use almost an entire bottle of bubble bath for one single bath. A bubble bath is a leisure we crave, and we relish the moments we can take in them.

But imagine this scenario. You start to fill your tub, get the water temperature just right, and pour in the bubbles. You leave the room for just a second, perhaps to grab a towel, bathrobe, or a good book, only to return and catch the overflow just in the nick of time. The water level and bubbles are a mere inch from the tub’s top edge. You know, as soon as you get in the water, bubbles will overflow, drip down the side, and run across the floor. Has this ever happened to you?

Even though the overflow was not planned, I believe there is a message in the messiness. If we embrace that message, we may discover that we need a bit of overflow mess in our lives. We must allow our cup to be so close to the brink of overflowing that we allow ourselves to submerge completely in whatever the outcome. We might also uncover that through our oasis and peace of relaxation from the hot soak in the bubble bath, we reap rewards far greater than the messy bubbles on the floor.

Girl, it’s time. It’s time to sink into the moments, to make your love increase and overflow not only for yourself but into the lives of others as well, to allow yourself to see the excess with bright, wide-open eyes and live in that moment even after the water turns cold and the bubbles fade.

© c. michelle bryant griffin
photo by: Jillwllington@pixabay

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